Kongevegen May 2021

New ride on Kongevegen
Decided to have a new trip on Kongevegen, the weather forecast looks good today, looks to be a nice sunny day with little wind and a decent temperature.

Starting from home taking riksvei 4 to Stryken and then on to the old road riding alongside Harestuvannet up to Grua, down towards Roa, turning right just before Roa on to Haakenstadlinna, going up the steep hill to Bratllia, riding on the ridge heading north towards Gran nice view towards the mountains at Hardanger nasjonalpark on this part of the road.

Riding down to Gran, following the west side of Jarenvatnet up to Brandbu, from Brandbu I'm taking the Røysumslinna up to "Kongeveien".

When I got up to Kongevegen I'm first turn right a driving up to the old Tingelstad church, this is a typical Romansk church from around year 1220. Nice historical building 🙂

From Tingelstad church I'm following Kongevegen over to Søsterkirkene, lots of ups and downhills on a bumpy gravel road so ride careful 😀.

Arriving at Søsterkirkene around 12:00, and this time it is a nice sunny and warm day, so having a break and a trip around the two Søsterkirkene, to have a closer look of them.

After the break I continues on Kongeveien over to Lunner church, and just before Lunner Church, I again hid the killer climb 0,7 km with up to 18 % steep climbing😱, but better mental prepare for it today😁, so a bit faster up this time. From Lunner Church over to Kalvsjøtjernet and on to the last heavy uphill towards Mylla over the Volla top.

Arriving on Mylladammen around 13:30, still nice a sunny, so having new break sitting down a enjoying the nice view over Mylladamen, still some ice on the lake, and the cross-country slopes are still open so people are still enjoying cross-country skiing here🎿.

From Mylla I'm taking the road down to Grua and then following the tarmac road down to Harestua, riding alongside Harestuvannet back home.

111 km and 1400 altitude meters, close to 5 hours on the saddle.

Weather turns out to be as the forecast, nice and sunny, little wind, and a temperature between + 4℃ and + 10℃

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