Long June Ride

June 2020, Long ride in Nordmarka and Romeriksåsene, starting from home and ride up to Kikiutstua over Gjøra, from Kikutstua riding to Sandungen farm and up to Katnosa farm where the one of the Norwegian resistance groups had headquarters during World Ward II.
Then down to Gjerdingen lake, following the north side of the lake and up to Mylla.
From Mylla down to Grua and then up into Romeriksåsen, up to Råsjøen, and down to Sjonken,
From Sjonken the trip goes up again to going up Grualia, Grualia is extreme 2 km off-road clime, from the top of Grualia is a smooth ride down following the road long side Storøyungen crossing over on the off-road trail on bottom of the lake and then down to Was Gaard and home to a well-deserved cold beer

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