Spring ride to Kikutstua

First trip for this season to Kikutstua via Gørja, but probably a week too early still quite a lot of snow on the road between Trehøringen and the road cross with Bjørnsjøen alongside Gørja and Helgeren, but fought me steadfastly through, otherwise the roads starting to be dry now after the snow melting.

Anyhow it is good to see that it is close to this part of the road is starting to be ready for riding after the winter, its a nice part of the ride in Nordmarka particularly down to Gørja, alongside Gørja and Helgeren to the road cross with Bjørnsjøen.

Meeting some of the local wildlife is a good sign of springtime is arriving in the hits, especially when you encounter vipers🐍😁

The weather was ok, still a bit chili in the shades areas of the ride,

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