March MTB Ride to Kikutstua

Late Winter ride on 14of March 2021. Nice Sunday morning, weather is looking good, we have a lots of snow earlier this week, so the mountains roads is very bumpy this morning.

From Trehørningen and over Hakkloa and down to Nordmarskveien, they have not plow the roads since Friday morning, so quite a lot of snows on that part of the roads, only tracks from cars to ride in, so heavy and demanding piece of road, 6 km one way so 12 km in total with heavy roads conditions.

It was worth the effort, nice trip again in snowy mountains on a sunny day, and for the first time this year the temperature was on the red side all the way (between +0 to +2), but windy.

Getting close to being the last time on snowy roads for the winter sesong 2020/ 2021, so good to get this ride today.

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