MTB Ride May 2020

Early spring ride 9of May 2020, stil som snow in the mountains, but springtime is here now, first time this year that the road is more or les snow free all the way from Sandungen to Katnosa and down to Gjerdingensdammen, stil not from Trehørningen along Gjøra to Kikut, so to the road over Hakkloa to Nordmarskveien to Kikutstua, the back and over to Sandungen farm, up over to Katnosa farm, over and down to Gjerdingensdammen, and due to still snow on Nordmarskveien between Gjerdingen and Bygata I'm taking the road down to Stryken and the main road (Riksvei 4) home, nice challenging ride, meeting some of the first local snakes (Viper) on the road, 70 km trip, Ok weather, average temp 13,0 c

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