Lygna - Søsterkirkene - Mylla, partly on "Kongeveien"

First long ride in 2021
Ambitious plan for this ride, starting from home around 10:00 in the morning, weather was looking to be ok, sunny but expected to be a windy day. But this turn out to be yes a windy day wind from NNW, wind speed 15 km/h so the first 50 km with headwind and this part of the trip is mostly uphill so a hard start😀

And the sun disappear after passing Grua, so the temperature drop to around -1 and with a strong headwind the first 50 km was a cold experience.

So this day the weather was covering every season in Norway, Sunny, windy, cold, snowing, rain and hail, but beside the weather is was a good trip😎.

Starting from home taking riksvei 4 to Stryken and taking the old road alongside Harestuvannet up to Grua and down towards Roa, turning right just before Roa and up on the ridge heading north towards Lygnasæter, this part of the road has a nice view towards the mountains at Hardanger nasjonalpark.

The last part before Lygnasæter is alllll uphill, gaining 350 altitudes meters on the last 8 km😳, but the moose burger🍔 you get on Lygna services station is well worth it😋.

From Lygna it is a nice 10 km downhill to Brandbu descending 450 m😁, from Brandbu taking the Røysumslinna up to "Kongeveien".

This is my first ride on Kongeveien, following Kongeveien to
Søsterkirkene, the road is gravel and in a bad shape after the winter, lots of up and downhills and extremely bumpy road.

Arriving at Søsterkirkene around 14:00 in the afternoon, after 67 km, plan was to sit down an enjoy the nice weather and have a cup off coffee here, but with ice cold weather and freezing wind, I just to a couple og pictures and move on, next stop is Mylla.

Continues on Kongeveien over to Lunner church, and just before Lunner Church, after 78 km, I hid a killer climb 0,7 km with up to 18 % steep climbing😱, From Lunner Church over to Kalvsjøtjernet and the the last heavy uphill towards Mylla over Volla top.

Arriving on Mylladammen at at 15:30 after 90 km again my plan was to have a rest with here, but still the weather will not cooperate, ice cold wind a 0 degrees, so now it's just to head home.

Taking the road down to Grua and the following the tarmac road back home.

131 km and 1900 altitude meters, 6 hours on the saddle, so now some good food and a bear.

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